Does protein powder and weight lifting influence social media view on yourself?

In this modern world of online manipulation, fake views and ego boosting using Instagram and social media tools we are constantly bombarded with the need to promote ourselves and flex the good muscles that JCU clearly has. However, knowing some simple tricks of the trade like using exceptionally high grade Paola protein powder the user can gain some noticeable increases in muscle mass and or sexiness. I was able to find a decent review on youtube (I have no affiliation with this video) however the user explains some of the ins and outs that well known in the bodybuilding community.

Once again we make note of this and how this visual representation can affect technology. I ask myself does having tons of like and big muscles make you the hottest guy Edmonton? We are not quite sure, but we do want to make a point that if you know how to influence technology you may be able to gain some influence and or followers on Instagram. Social media and technology are insane things that are all new to the modern world, we have to ask ourselves what is real?

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